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Why Journalists Should Hire PR Pros in the Newsroom
By: Muck Rack
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When it comes to our two industries, what we hear fairly often is how journalists are moving into PR roles. The connection — and benefits to companies — is obvious: reporters are great writers, they understand the media landscape, and know how to tell a great story.

But we rarely hear of a PR pro making a career switch to be a journalist.

Because we all know that newsrooms are always on the hunt for great talent, here is why they should hire PR pros as journalists.

1. They can write well.
Believe it or not, storytelling is what PR pros do almost every single day--just like reporters. Stylistically, it may be different but AP rules and the inverted pyramid can be learned. Plus, they read most of your stuff anyway, so are familiar with the writing in a general sense.

2. PR pros know companies and industries in detail.
They function in the business of communications, so have a firsthand account of competitive analyses and the business and communications landscapes. Because they’ve worked in the companies and industries, it’s a perspective that can be of value to be able to report on them.

3. They work well under pressure--it’s the natural environment when working in PR.
They work with your deadlines, the company’s deadlines, and bosses’ deadlines. They’re used to thinking quickly and adapting to changing situations. And most have worked in a crisis before, when the deadline is measured in minutes, not hours or days.

4. PR pros are tenacious.
One of the things that PR and journalism have in common is they are both competitive industries. Tenacity is a skill that would transfer to the newsroom with ease to write stories that readers wants and need to read to inform their everyday lives and their futures.


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