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Make Your PR Work Online and Off: The 3-Step Repurposing Dance
By: Meltwater
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Your team is having a staff meeting, or the group is in the weekly operations briefing. You know someone will bring up something that you’ll all be glad to hear, that deserves a high-five.

Wait for it, wait for it… and then say “should we get some PR about that?”

It could be a cool new client—some community institution or well-known figure who will be a “credibility builder” for your team. It may be that that your longtime journeyman plumber finally passed the Master Plumber test. Whatever it is, if people stop to say, “congratulations”, chances are you have an opportunity for some good public relations.

Now what?

Most people jump to the obvious. For Baby Boomers or older, the first thought is a traditional press release, of course, and possibly a photo in the paper. If members of your team are younger than 30, they’re more likely to think of online PR.

These channels work together! It’s REPURPOSING TIME.

Inventory your communications channels for at least THREE ways to push out the same good news. Boost your social media, lift your website SEO, write an online post and even pump up your in-person presence and word-of-mouth marketing.

You can get this all from ONE genuine, authentic piece of good news—the kind of good news that will stick, because its real stuff, happening to a real business, to real people.

Here’s how you set yourself up for success.


Someone in your company should be in charge of having the 10,000 foot view, or these pieces of good news will fly away before you even realize it.

If you’re a large company, its your marketing director/public relations department.

If you’re small, don’t fret. Assign the person who everyone knows is the company cheerleader. He/she may be in a job completely unrelated to marketing, but you know that when this person is home with their family, at a ballgame with friends—they talk about your product, or their coworkers, or your company. That’s who will have a good eye for this kind of good news.


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