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2016 is The Year of Corporate Social Responsibility—Here’s Why
By: Bulldog Reporter
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One phenomenal change sweeping the corporate landscape is the concept known as corporate social responsibility, or CSR for short.

This concept is incredibly promising because it shows that corporations are finally starting to listen to the needs of the consumer. They are finally starting to recognize that people only want to do business with companies that they trust. People only want to do business with corporations that care about their needs and the needs of local communities and the world on the whole.

With that in mind, we’d like to dive headfirst into many of the wonderful things happening that are CSR related in 2016. Corporate social responsibility is taking the world by storm, and this is excellent opportunity that provides many wonderful benefits in our consumer culture.

Why Is CSR so Important in 2016 and beyond?

To put it bluntly, corporations need to take social responsibility seriously. They need to care about their employees. They need to care about work conditions. They need to care about social justice issues that are important to consumers.

Simply put, many people are no longer willing to buy products from companies that are taking advantage of Third World workers that barely make a penny for their efforts. People do not want to wear sneakers, shirts, shoes, pants, and the like if they were created through slave labor. We’ve had enough of this nonsense and were not going to take it anymore!

Companies also need to take CSR seriously because it builds trust with their partners, consumers, employees, and even local governments. The world wants to feel good about the items that they purchase. The only way to ensure that we’re buying quality goods made under the best circumstances for the workers is to keep tabs on businesses.


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