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The PR Campaign: Getting It Right
By: Bulldog Reporter
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“When you know better, you do better.” Maya Angelou’s powerful advice rings true for any PR professional who has watched their big campaign tank.

When late hours and big bucks add up to a whole lot of nothing, it’s easy to get discouraged. But the truth is, wins and losses hold equal value in forming your strategy—and the better you become at evaluating your efforts, the more literate you’ll be in the art of successful PR campaigns.

We’ve outlined three steps for evaluating your performance so you can do better next time.

Step 1: Conduct a formal quantitative (and qualitative) analysis
Part of your campaign’s budget should be allocated to assessment, whether that’s money spent on staff hours, in-depth analysis tools or working with an outside firm to dissect your numbers. Companies like MediaMiser can monitor all mentions of your brand and generate reports based on the tone of coverage, share of voice, competitive analysis, the ad value of your campaign, the number of media impressions you made and whether or not your campaign was considered valuable in the news cycle. This should all shed light on what key publications you failed to attract, why it got picked up from some and not others, and what other companies did that drove success.


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