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Apple vs. FBI: Feds Are Losing Public Battle Over Unlocking iPhone
By: Bulldog Reporter
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As the FBI signals it may try to avert a courtroom showdown with Apple over whether the gadget giant should be required to help unlock the San Bernardino iPhone, a report from Vrge Analytics released this week indicates that Apple is winning the fierce public battle.

According to the new survey of 657 people, more Americans believe that Apple has made a more compelling case that it shouldn’t be required to help unlock the phone to determine if the shooter was tied to extremist Islamic groups.

The study found that 42 percent of Americans said Apple had made a better case, while only 30 percent said that the FBI had done so (19 percent said they hadn’t made up their mind while 9 percent were not sure).

There was other troubling news for the FBI—the survey found that support for the FBI has eroded in the last month since the controversy sparked a fierce debate over what should take priority: national security needs or the right to privacy.


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