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The Equation for Understanding the Media in Today's World
By: Muck Rack
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It’s been over ten years since I actively worked in a newsroom.

However, the memories are still very fresh. It was collaborative atmosphere that was rapidly changing, depending on the news event. However, it was essential that we had the vital information, so the broadcast we were putting together was factual and trustworthy.

Fast-forward to 2016 and those words could really describe today’s world.

We are collaborating now, virtually and in person, more than ever. The news cycle can change very quickly and how we disseminate that news is just as fast, especially thanks to social networks like Twitter.

This fast pace can also lead to communications pros believe that the media want their information just as fast. This is far from the case. It’s best to, as the kids say, “slow your roll.” Those in the media are part of the solution to helping get our clients’ stories told to a vast array of audiences.

Think about this equation: Communications + Media = Storytelling

Ok, so it’s not exactly THAT simple. But, working with the media is integral and understanding how reporters, editors, and producers work in today’s world helps the above equation make sense.


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