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PR Measurement: You're (Probably) Doing It Wrong
By: Muck Rack
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If anyone tells you they’ve got the one true key to measuring PR, they’re either lying or they’re wrong.

Countless services have popped up in the past few years that claim to have PR measurement all figured out. For the low, low price of $3k a month, an automated service will collect your coverage URLs and spit them back out with an assigned value attached. It’s easy! It’s simple! It’s cleanly designed!

And it’s wrong.

The reality of PR is that it is by very definition about changing the way people feel — something that, try as we might, we’ll never be able to assign a neat little number to.

We can fumble and approximate and gesticulate wildly in the direction of the truth, but even our best and smartest numbers are only ever going to be numbers.

The most effective strategies in any measurement program, but especially in any PR measurement program, are the ones that combine thoughtful calculation with strategic analysis. Without analysis, you may find yourself reporting on key takeaways such as:
  • “We grew from 10 to 15 Facebook followers this week. That’s a 50% increase! Unfortunately, last week we grew from 0 to 10 followers, a 100% increase, so we must be doing something wrong.”
  • “Our story about hiring a new CFO received 2 billion impressions yesterday!”
  • “We used to receive an average of 50 Twitter shares per article, but in the past few months we haven’t received a single share. That must mean our content is no longer as shareable as it used to be (and definitely not due to a bigger problem, like Twitter shutting down the endpoint that allows marketers to track URL shares).”

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