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6 Ways To Create Amazing Facebook Content
By: Meltwater
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When it comes to Facebook content, one thing we always hear from clients is, “I have no idea what to post to Facebook.”

Or, “I have nothing to post to Facebook.”

While you may not know what to post, trust me, there are plenty of types of content you can post to try to capture your community’s interest — and entice engagement!

Use this quick tip guide, with six tips for creating better Facebook content, to ensure you never have to wonder what to post again.

6 Ways To Create Amazing Facebook Content

Growing your community on Facebook is kind of like becoming a butterfly … it can be a daunting or arduous process, but once it’s complete it is a thing of beauty.

If you stick with the quick tips listed below, the metamorphosis may not be so bad.

1) Gain with the ‘usefulness advantage’

Want to know the biggest secret of all?

Most brands don’t know what to post because they don’t know what their audience wants.

To be successful on Facebook you have to be able to understand the needs of your best customer (or best would-be customer).

It is often hard for companies to grasp that on Facebook you aren’t necessarily competing with other companies like yours … you’re competing with your potential customers’ friends and family … not to mention pop culture news and puppy videos!


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