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3 Media Trends That Will Improve Your PR Campaigns
By: Cision
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As journalism trends continue to evolve, communication professionals do not remain unaffected. But with so much constant change, how can your brand keep up?

By understanding and staying up to date on the state of the media, communication professionals will improve not only their relationships with journalists and media professionals, but also their relationships with their audience.

Here are three trends you need to follow and why doing so will help you better reach your audience:

1. Ensure a Mobile-Friendly Experience

Ninety-two percent of media professionals say their organization already has a mobile-compatible website or is working on one. However, there is still room for improvement.

Your audience is increasingly using mobile devices to connect to the Internet. With so many people logging on to your website through a mobile device, you need to make sure their experience is a positive one.

Besides your own website, you should also ensure the content you create, whether it’s white papers, blog posts or reports, is mobile-friendly and visually appealing, especially if you plan on sending it to a journalist.

Media professionals are clearly placing an emphasis on reaching mobile audiences, so if your brand can assist by providing the right type of content, you may be more likely to achieve coverage.


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