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How to Pitch the News Media In a 140-Character Landscape
By: Bulldog Reporter
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Longtime pitching guru Shelly Gordon, principal of G2 Communications and a workshop leader for a training company called WriteCulture, has witnessed the arrival of Twitter and the swan song of the press tour. Now, she’s embracing the 140-character landscape by doing her research, staying creative and building relationships in new ways. We asked Shelly for her best “lived it” advice on pitching.

Q: How have your approaches to journalists changed in the past two years?

Today there’s a paradox: There are far more ways to communicate with journalists, but you’re far less likely to reach them, unless you can schmooz them at a tradeshow.

The chance that a journalist will answer the phone nowadays is slim because half as many journalists are doing three times as much work. I follow journalists on Twitter and LinkedIn, and comment on and share their posts.

Nowadays, the most important question is: “Can you distill your pitch down to its essence… about the size of a tweet?” I have texted and direct-messaged pitches to journalists who follow me on Twitter. One journalist I know likes quirky medical studies. So I sent him a direct message: “Just found a quirky medical story. Want to know more?” That tweet got a response.

Or I’ll pitch with 2-3 lines in an email and then write, “See below for details.”


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