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4 Ways to Improve Your Media Relations
By: Cision
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Technology, from smartphones to social media, has shifted the way people consume, share and discuss content. Newsrooms have evolved to keep up with audiences’ needs.

Despite all this change, one thing that has largely remained the same is the working PR-journalist relationship. Two-thirds of journalists believe it has remained unchanged over the past few years.

But that doesn’t mean all is well. According to the journalists surveyed in Cision’s State of the Media 2016 Report, communication professionals need to work on four key areas of media outreach.

Want to get a competitive edge and garner more coverage? Here are the ways journalists believe communication professionals can improve their outreach efforts:

1. Tailor Pitches

Wondering why you can’t get coverage? Approximately 78.5 percent of journalists believe communication professionals need to tailor their pitches better.

Susan Page, Washington bureau chief at USA Today says off-topic pitching “makes it harder to take calls you might have in fact been interested in.

Don’t send the same generic pitch to everyone on your media list. Instead, use your media database to locate the journalists covering the story angle you want to pitch. Remember, personalized pitching is key to building strong media relations, becoming a trusted source and gaining more coverage.


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