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10 Skills the PR Pro of the Future Will Need
By: Meltwater
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Almost four years ago, I wrote a post titled “10 skills the PR pro of 2022 must have.” It was based on trends I’ve seen with clients, tidbits I’ve picked up in talking to industry friends and little bits of information I’d stowed away from articles and posts I’ve read on the interwebs.

Four years later, a lot has changed. I mean, four years isn’t that long in human years, right? But, in internet years, it’s an eternity.

So, I thought it might make sense to revisit the list and see how it stood up. See if the list still made sense today, and if I should add anything to it–and what should be deleted (or revised).

Here’s the new list of skills for the PR pro of the future (with notes about what’s been updated and deleted from that initial list in 2012).

2016 Skills of the PR pro of the Future

1: Social advertising copywriting skills and an ability to manage social media advertising campaigns

While the ability to write social ads on networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram hasn’t changed, the skill set to manage complete campaigns on these platforms has evolved (this is the addition from the 2012 list). In today’s climate, PR folks are asked to manage social ad campaigns all the time. That means learning how to use Power Editor, LinkedIn’s ad platform and Twitter ad products. It means understanding how to manipulate different components of ad campaigns. It means understanding how bill clients. All of it.

2: Video AND audio production skills

Sure video production skills are still in demand in 2016. No doubt about that. But, suddenly, with more brands considering audio content as part of their mix, audio production skills are also in demand (this is the 2016 addition). Even just a basic understanding of Garageband (which you can essentially teach yourself, or take classes at an Apple store) would go a long ways right now.

3: Ability to lead exploration of new media and tools on behalf of your organization

I think I whiffed on the “mobile” skill set in 2012. Not sure PR folks really need any kind of mobile dev skills–even rudimentary ones. But, increasingly, what I see is a constant need to explore new media and tools in an effort to keep pushing organizations forward. And, I don’t see that changing anytime soon.


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