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Hyatt Introduces A New Brand Of Anti-Hotel For The Airbnb Era
By: Fast Company
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Last January, I stayed at a beautiful Airbnb in the West Village. It had even been featured in a design magazine. But the posh chaise lounge and Philips Hue lighting was of little solace when I was shivering in my bed all night wearing three layers of clothing. Only later did I learn that to create the picturesque interior, the owner had ripped out the apartment’s only radiator.

Airbnb sells us on adventure, but there’s little promise of consistency. And that leaves an opportunity for a dependable travel brand like Hyatt to claim some of this turf—with what the hotel operator calls its Unbound Collection.

The Unbound Collection is a curated list of what Hyatt calls "stays," which for now means boutique hotels that are co-branded with Hyatt. The short list includes Austin’s haunted hobnobbing space, the Driskill, and a restoration of the Hawaiian resort made famous by Elvis Presley, Coco Palms. These hotels will both advertise and operate as themselves, but they’re presented in marketing as "by Hyatt." The hotels pay a percentage of their revenue to be involved, while Hyatt offers them a customer base, a booking back end, and the sort of purchasing power a business the size of Hyatt can get.

"What you’re seeing is the idea of travel has changed, and people want to explore and develop and have new experiences," says Maryam Banikarim, CMO at Hyatt. "On the flipside, they are creatures of habit—human nature wants things that are familiar."



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