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The New Age of PR: Getting Your Brand Noticed
By: Meltwater
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PR is dead. Long live PR.

Okay, so maybe the old school public relations techniques and tricks haven’t completely lost their power.

But in the modern digital world, submitting press releases to journalists and hoping for the best is no longer the most effective way to drive attention for your brand.

With the current state of the internet, companies have a variety of more effective ways to get their message across.

These include:
  • Using social media to connect directly with customers.
  • Inspiring fans to become amateur brand ambassadors.
  • Directly addressing customer concerns in a public space to build a stronger reputation.
In short, the internet has removed the middle-man in public relations: companies can now talk directly to the people who matter, inspiring them to develop greater brand loyalty.

Say Goodbye to the Old Ways

In the olden times, before social media, companies that were looking to drum up free publicity needed to befriend an established news platform.
  • Company PR staff would write a press release about their upcoming product.
  • This would be distributed to journalists and media agencies.
  • An outlet would write an article about the product (if they felt it was important enough).
  • The public would read the articles written by journalists, and maybe be inspired to take a closer look at the product.

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