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No One Does Easter Eggs Like Google
By: Mike Bush
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Yeah, I know…wrong holiday. But if you search “A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away” via Google, you’re in for a Star Wars fan delight. To be fair, putting out Easter Eggs like this isn’t something new for the search giant. They’ve been doing this for a long, LONG time.

And they’re spectacular at it.

Without spoilers (all you have to do is search the terms), I present five Easter Eggs that surprise and delight…and generate a TON of digital press:
  1. Do a Barrel Roll
  2. Super Mario Bros
  3. Zerg Rush
  4. Askew
  5. Google.com/teapot
And, since it’s the holidays, Seinfeld fans can be forgiven for being a little excited to search for Festivus.

Happy holidays, no matter what you happen to be celebrating.

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Mike Bush is a PR and Marketing freelancer with more than a dozen years of experience in the field. Find him on and connect Twitter @mikebush or at www.mikebush.nyc. 
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