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Microsoft is Suddenly Killing It on PR
By: Mike Bush
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Like most folks in PR, I keep a running list of things I want to write (or perhaps various pitches I’m thinking about using). The list is in a notebook sitting on my desk, and to be honest, the notebook looks like it has survived a war. It kind of has.

Earlier this week, I wrote, “Microsoft has had a couple good weeks,” with the idea of offering credit where it’s due. I should have written sooner, because apparently Forbes agrees with me so much they went ahead and scooped me.

While I wasn’t planning on referring to Microsoft as “the new Google,” I did want to highlight a couple of very interesting concepts the company has rolled out. Indulge me a bit…some of these don’t have to do with PR specifically, but a quick Google News search* shows a ton of progress in the last few weeks.

First, the company announced compliance with an ISO privacy standard. Now, before you think, “What the heck does that mean?” let me explain. ISO standards are hard fought and strongly earned. This isn’t like trying to earn a “best place to work” certification from a local publication that sells their “seal of approval” for a few hundred dollars. Buyers for major corporation, especially IT buyers looking at the cloud, will have noticed (the GigaOm piece I linked to points out that other companies will call this a "PR move," but in reality, it’s a move that cloud buyers at the Fortune 1000 all saw, so let’s call it very effective targeted PR).

Then the company launched office integrations with…everyone. iCloud, Google Drive, Box, and others are now able to support Office files. It’s big for consumers who are using the cloud in one way or another, but don’t have their entire computing life online (I’m guilty of being a Google Drive user at home, but Windows user in the office, and this new approach might let me do more from home without lugging my laptop).

All told, it looks like the software giant in Redmond recently woke up. And it’s exciting for anyone who uses Office in their home or work life.
*Nope...can’t bring myself to “Bing it” quite yet. 

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Mike Bush is a PR and Marketing freelancer with more than a dozen years of experience in the field. Find him on and connect Twitter @mikebush or at www.mikebush.nyc. 
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