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The Power of Nostalgia
By: Deborah Adlington
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Ah, remember when? Nostalgia is not just a Sunday afternoon pastime. Advertisers are using it to rein in older customers and catch the intrigue of younger ones. Just think about the most popular Super Bowl commercials — hearing John Kennedy speak, seeing the Today Show hosts gab about the Internet in 1994, being in the Brady’s living room again. If you don’t think you pine for the past, just think back to December. Did you spend time pondering past Christmases? Of course you did. We all did! We all share a love of nostalgia. Is there some nostalgia that can give your marketing plan a boost? Try these ideas.

I Remember That!
Try some throwback packaging.

Back Then...
Reminiscing during a radio ad always pulls at the heartstrings.

What Did Dad Say?
Flash back to old-fashioned values. Hard work, courtesy, home cooking.

Count The Years
Is your company celebrating an anniversary?
  • Build a logo, host an event.
  • Pull out old company photos for use in social media and print ads.
I Haven't Seen, Tasted, Smelled This In Years
Plan small touches at your events that spark memories.
  • Serve root beer floats.
  • Add home garden flowers like Zinnias and Lilies of the Valley to tables.

Always Loved Grandma's House
The décor of your business could take people back.

  • Show the history of the company on the walls or in glass cases.
  • Create an atmosphere with antiques and vintage fabrics.
That Reminds Me Of...
Trigger history with your employee uniforms, or your business cards.

No One Does That Anymore, And I Miss It
What can you do to your service model that would evoke the past?
  • Provide an unexpected personal touch, like a call from a person.
  • Send customers a thank-you note on paper with a personal message.
Ah, the good old days.


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About the Author
Deb Adlington is a freelance writer and business executive. She has leadership experience in marketing and revenue cycle management. Over a decade of her work experience has been in healthcare.  d.adlington27@gmail.com
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