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Sling TV Has Already Been Shot
By: Mike Bush
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At CES, Dish Network fired a shot across the bow of bundled cable companies, launching a new service called Sling TV that’s served over the Internet (OTT for short) and includes some of the top cable networks. ESPN and ESPN 2, Disney Channel and ABC Family, Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, CNN, TBS, TNT, Food Network, HGTV, and the Travel Channel are on board. It’s missing a couple networks (AMC jumps to mind), but for $20 a month, it covers the channels you can’t really get to via (legal) OTT means today.

Two of the analysts whom I most respect in the OTT video space aren’t impressed.
Dish is setting false expectations with #slingtv - They say it "makes it easy to find the content i want", no, it doesn't.

— Dan Rayburn (@DanRayburn) January 5, 2015
While Rayburn’s tweet is about the press conference, his post about the service is more in depth. Will Richmond seems to agree, chiming in on LinkedIn with five reasons the service will fail.

I understand where they’re both coming from. This is a limited service. But it’s a step in the right direction for cord cutters and anyone who is tired of paying hundreds of dollars for TV stations they don’t watch.

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