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Are You Catching These Opportunities to Reinforce Your Brand?
By: Deborah Adlington
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Reflect your brand promise from the inside out. Make sure employees are aware of your brand values and message. It should be natural for them to share stories that reinforce the brand. Keep the messages and customer success stories in front of employees. 
Partner with HR to communicate brand values. Make sure brand values are considered in employment practices and performance measures. Create brand awareness information for HR to use in new employee orientation. 
Remember the power of the phone. Do you have on-hold messages that reinforce your brand? Are your phone greetings scripted to reinforce your brand?
Communicate your brand message with every email. Create a consistent branded tag line for company emails. 
Rethink company letterhead. When was the last time it was updated? It is helping or hurting your brand values? 
Of course your company website should reinforce your brand, but recent updates may have clouded your message. Make sure your website clearly communicates your brand. Make sure your website has a mobile version with the same quality branding.
When is the last time you reviewed your signage? Does it reflect brand values? There are new, low-cost sign options that can make big brand statements. Check online sources for window, table, and floor decals. 
Use the waiting room or lobby to communicate your brand. Use flat screens to display brand messages and stories. 
Research online sites where products or services like yours are ranked. Outside parties may have described your brand for you. Check the accuracy of the information, updates should be free.
Besides your web page, think of other online avenues for your brand message. For example, add a company LinkedIn page.
Help customers and clients spread your brand message. When customers use your product or service, have you given them an easy way to refer others? Make sure they remember you and give them tools to share your brand story with others. This could be as simple as a refrigerator magnet. 
Believe in the promise of your brand and pass it on.


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About the Author
Deb Adlington is a freelance writer and business executive. She has leadership experience in marketing and revenue cycle management. Over a decade of her work experience has been in healthcare.  d.adlington27@gmail.com
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