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Anyone Pitching Canadian Press Should Read This, Eh
By: Mike Bush
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Last week, Canada set into motion the most ferocious anti-spam laws in the world. Called the CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Law, for anyone who questions the creative genius of our neighbors to the north), the law can fine for a single commercial e-mail sent without permission. And the fines, (up to $1 million Canadian for individuals and $10 million Canadian for companies, according to the New York Times) are brutal.

GigaOm has a well-thought-out FAQ.

In short, if you’re a PR practitioner with clients in Canada, or clients with an interest in garnering Canadian press, there’s a very good chance you should be speaking with your clients — and realistically, your lawyers — to be prepared.

While, as of now, there is no line-of-sight as to how the Canadian authorities plan to enforce this new law with U.S. companies, it doesn’t take a leap of faith to see how that hurdle might get crossed. I suspect that the U.S. would gladly allow easier enforcement if Canada would just agree to take Justin Bieber back full time. 

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