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Most Valuable Brands List Offers Surprises
By: Mike Bush
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Analyst firm Millward Brown released their annual list of the 100 moist valuable brands in the world, and while many of the brands you’d expect to be on the list make the cut, there are a few surprises as to who fell where.

Health Conscious Doesn’t Mean Brand Equity: People are wearing health monitoring devices. You can’t pick up a newspaper or watch a newscast without at least one story on obesity. And, since there is such an emphasis on health in the nation, it makes sense that bastions of well-being like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and Marlboro make up 1/3 of the top nine most valuable brands.  If ever there was a commentary on health in the U.S., that’s it.

Tech is the Top: The four most valuable brands in the world are all tech companies. Google, Apple, IBM, and Microsoft reign supreme. Also interesting, connectivity remains a key (after all, what‘s the point of great technology if you can’t connect with other people?), with 4 of the top 20 spots going to telecoms companies (and more than 10% of the list falling into this category).

A Tough Nut to Crack: Only seven companies who weren’t on the list last year made it this year. While there was some movement among the list, it remains very, very exclusive.

BusinessInsider shares its thought on the list here.

All of our clients have brands they admire and I suspect many of those brands are on the list. However, while we’re in the process of helping them get to this level, it’s OK to remind them that Rome wasn’t built in a day. 

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