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Rosa Parks Proves the NCAA Sucks
By: Shawn Paul Wood
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Rosa Parks was a woman who refused to give up her seat and took a stand for an entire generation. The most eloquent of writers would have a terrible challenge summarizing her overwhelming impact on mankind, let alone her inspiration for the Civil Rights Movement in the '60s. Understanding that, let's visit the University of North Carolina

Speaking of creating change, this offering from UNC may just do the trick for the entire NCAA. For decades, this organization has attempted to squeeze the life out of student-athletes like Rick Ross in a pair of skinny jeans. All the while, the corrupt jokers in the ivory towers at the NCAA are getting paid under the guise of fake school classes, tutors doing the work for the stars, boosters buying athletes blessings (like his mama a house, Reggie Bush), and so many more ways to pull the wool over sports fans' eyes everywhere. And then this went viral.

Whistleblower says UNC put athletes in classes that never met and required only one final paper. This one got an A-. (From @BryanArmenGraham)

Enclosed in his tweet was a picture of a grammatically inept, drooling while finger-pecking the keyboard, 146-word essay on Rosa Parks. Oh yeah, the athlete got an A-. What the what?! This is a scandal that is becoming one of many to expose UNC's shady guidelines of academic injustice, as well as one to bring about change to the NCAA. And if you think this kid should just be done a solid, let's consider his future post-NFL. Here's the paper in its full, unedited glory: 

What's next? A chapter from Pride and Prejudice? If you fancy yourself an AP-Gestapo Officer, you have already pulled your hair out. Lest we forget, this is a collegiate student and not a friggin' third-grader. Now, I don't blame the student at all. Dude wants to get paid, get famous, and stay coddled. He's probably had the latter all his life; he may as well have the cash to go with it. This is all on the college because the quest for power, TV ratings, and collegiate supremacy trumps the student's wits, brains, and ability to contribute society every time. Students, like this guy, didn't have to go to class listed as "independent studies." Just one paper, barely legible, and Voila! A-minus work. 

Whoever the NCAA Chief of Communications is at this moment needs to be seriously brushing up on Crisis Communications 101. And possibly wear one of those fake Sumo wrestler suits, because the conscience of this country is about steamroll through his door and demand better for our higher academic institutions. 

At least, it should. 

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