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Does Vince McMahon Read Flack Me?
By: Mike Bush
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About two and a half weeks ago, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE… formerly WWF, which the World Wildlife Foundation somehow believed would confuse consumers… apparently people can’t tell the difference between an actual panda bear and a dude wearing tights dressed up as a panda bear?) launched its online only streaming service.

So far, the reviews have been glowing.

In the piece lined above, Bill Simmons and David Shoemaker from ESPN’s Grantland go out of their way to talk about how great the new streaming channel is, and how, for $10 a month, it’s worth every penny.

In launching, WWE seems to have published a huge portion of their robust video library, built a functional search function, and utilized every “streaming” device imaginable (ROKU, XBOX, Apple TV, PlayStation, laptop and tablet).

Boy, if only we somehow would have been able to predict that an “NCAA Conference or sport that doesn’t quite qualify as ‘major’” would do something like this (Sorry for the link there… I couldn’t help it. One of my annual predictions came through… I’m batting .333 for the year, and it’s only March).

As pointed out in the Grantland piece, there is a 100% chance that other sports leagues are watching very closely. “Live Events” have long been labeled as the missing piece for cord cutters. If WWE succeeds with its venture (and based on their stock prices, it seems like it’s so far, so good), we may finally have a line of sight to the end of the cable bundle.  

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