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KSDK Apology Hits the Mark
By: Mike Bush
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Love them or hate them, there is something to be said for local news stations and the value they (sometimes) bring to the community. For every silly bumper (Is your pet considering eating your brain? Tune in at 11 to find out), local news stations can play an important part in highlighting the good things happening in a town or city.

Last week (in what now probably seems like an obviously terrible idea), a reporter at KSDK in St. Louis decided to see how effective school security was at a local high school. Again, with the benefits of hindsight, we can pretty clearly guess how this is going to turn out (hint: not very well).

Earlier this week, my TV Reporter doppelganger (in name only, I’m the handsome one) issued a formal apology on the air.

“We unnecessarily scared students, teachers and parents, and quite honestly, it doesn’t matter what our intentions were. We caused undue stress and fear and we are very sorry this happened.”

And somehow, despite the fact that I’m not in St. Louis, I think the whole situation was handled as well as it could have been.

Sometimes, making a mistake, owning up to it, and moving on is really the best way to proceed. It’s a lesson lots of companies could stand to learn. 

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