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What the MSNBC Kieran Romney Kerfuffle Says About America Today
By: Shawn Paul Wood
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Answer: Quite a bit! 

ICYMI: A typically smart, even-keeled Melissa Harris-Perry had a panel on her MSNBC show the other day when she decided to hurl a now famous picture of the Romney family -- all 2,450 of them. Well, maybe not, but you get the point. There's many of them in this picture. And while there is clearly a little black baby on Mitt Romney's very white (and possibly arthritic) knee, the MSNBC panel decided to break out its GOP/America/WhiteVsBlack joke series. I'd love to show you the 1:25 video of the panel singing that old Sesame Street classic "One of these things just doesn't belong," but for some peculiar reason, the video was taken down. Hmmmm. 

What does that tell you? Wait ... we'll get back to that.

FOX News is no better as they wrap themselves in the warm embrace of white Santa and the red, white and blue flag, screaming racism, bigotry and whatever else they can to cause a national uproar because someone made fun of their little buddy. And then, we have Don Lemon of CNN fame, who legitimately tried to pull both sides together in a huddle only to be pimp-slapped and reminded why having intelligent debate in this country is a losing battle. The dolts on either side of their red or blue back yards won't let you. They just want to yell at the other from their porch, probably while clutching their favorite adult beverage (a Miller Lite on one side and an Appletini on the other) and sporting the latest, fashionable footie PJs of grimacing, dunderhead elephant or pain-in-the-ass donkey. 

Watch this and let's discuss: 

How fun was that? All three panelists had salient points that were unfortunately obfuscated by their screaming pleas for emotional understanding and blind loyalty for using props to make political diatribe sticky. And that, my fellow Americans, is what's so very wrong with this country and the way we process information. The news is factual until it runs through our greasy fingers and cerebral filters. That's where subjection takes over and we get to stand on whatever platform we have -- the checkout lane at your local big-box retail store or the panel on some tomfoolery network -- telling the world about why we are right and "they" are not. 

Why can't we all ... nah, I won't say it. However, I will say why can't we all just discuss things rationally? The GOP has a ton of suckage about them. And the DNC Keystone Cops routine isn't any better. Look at every national poll you can find -- split, right down the middle. Why? Because Americans are being educated by a majority of half-wits with strong opinions who would rather espouse backyard witticisms with fancy-pants words than plain speak about "this is the way we fold our clothes." (Apologies to O' Reilly, Maddow and Cooper -- see, one from each. Happy?)

Sure, you may not like your pants folded that way because it creates creases, but at least, shut your mouth and hear the dry cleaner out. Maybe, there is some Feng Shui aesthetic to the dry cleaning arts you haven't heard about on CNN, FOX or MSNBC yet. Unfortunately, you will never learn that because his informational shill on jean creases isn't laden with one-sided propaganda and rah-rah section rhetoric.

It seems if we hear anything other than what we prescribe to or ask for push-to-text information on our smartphones, we yell "Crap" versus shutting our pieholes and listening. PR would help this condundrum greatly, but who is going to hire someone who sees the only compromise is to admit defeat and start over. Lean middle? A two-sided discussion? Ah, who am I kidding? Screw the kid. Let's do what King Solomon did and offer to cut the boy in the half because that seems to be how America likes its debate anyway. 

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