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Amazon Press Release Is Twitterific
By: Mike Bush
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Last week, Amazon published a press release discussing the new Kindle Fire HDX. It was 14 lines, all less than 140 characters. In other words, Amazon published 14 tweets as a press release.
Here’s the link.

Presumably, if you’re going to do something like this, it’s to get extra attention for your release. Hopefully people talk about it. So, let’s see how the release measured up:
Using the first “suggested tweet” from the release, I copy/pasted the sentence into Twitters’ search box. The results, even when using the “show all” option, are slightly less than compelling (two people used the suggested tweet, and one of those two was the Amazon Kindle team). Yikes.
Going to the Amazon Kindle Team's Twitter page, the same “suggested tweet” has 21 retweets, and 5 “favorites." By contrast, Apple fan-site MacRumors has a post up discussing how Apple employees are testing the new version of iTunes. The tweet promoting this has 26 retweets and 14 “favorites.”
I applaud the attempt at trying something new, but unfortunately for Amazon, this seems to have missed the mark.

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