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Beantown PR Agencies Join Forces for Boston PRoud
By: Shawn Paul Wood
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Typically, it's survival of the fittest. Corporate Darwinism. Fire hydrant mentality. This is what the world is like in the big city working in public relations. And then something catastrophic like the cowardly "Boston Bombers" happens and all the stars align for people to put aside competitive owens and unite behind a great cause. That's what is happening in Boston as more than 30 Boston-area PR firms are coming together later this month to raise money for the families and individuals struck by the tragedy at the Marathon weeks ago. 

According to PR Week, the cause is 'The One Fund,' which was established by Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Tom Menino. The “Boston PRoud” (get it?) event is scheduled for May 29.

Ken Peters, SVP at Text 100 in Boston, reached out to a small group of friends at Fama PR, March Communications, Shift Communications, and PAN Communications. They began planning “Boston PRoud” happy hours at the Back Bay Social Club and Lir, which are both located on Boylston Street near where the bombings took place. The happy hours will also help companies that lost income from shutting down after the terrorist attack.

“Boston may be a big city, but it's also like a small town in many ways. The marathon bombing is a very personal thing for everyone, everyone knew someone who was either running in or watching the event,” Peters said. “We wanted to find a way to help.”

It's nice to see PR companies practice what they preach and use grassroots outreach for its benefit. This is a time for no pitches, no stumping, no spin control — just a cause that will make us all proud. If you live in the area, support Boston here

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