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TV Mentions Do Double Duty for PR Campaigns
By: Jill Nadorlik
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What do you do when watching TV? Snack? Read a magazine? Troll away on your smartphone? A new study sheds light on Americans' TV-watching habits, and it turns out that 80% of us are likely to be multi-tasking when watching the tube.
In fact, new survey results from Deloitte indicate “that 81% of Americans almost always or always engage in another activity while watching their home TV, with that figure rising to a high of 88% among 24–29-year-olds.”
Before brands freak out about losing their TV-viewing audience, consider for a moment that viewers now may be more tuned in than ever. Can’t believe that cliffhanger on Mad Men? Take to your Facebook to sound off about it. Can’t believe that last play? A tweet with the game’s hashtag will do.
In fact, Nielsen recently reported that it had found a correlation between Twitter buzz and TV ratings. So what does this all mean to a PR person?
Consider for a moment how your PR campaign can come to life online — even if you’re using a television medium. Any on-air interview or commercial has become an opportunity to engage with users in another dimension and to drive them to your campaign’s online landing page.
Sound overwhelming? Regardless, they’ll be Googling your brand or checking your social media to see how you stack up to your on-air mention or ad. Don’t be caught with your pants down — drive these viewers somewhere.

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About the Author
Jill Nadorlik is the owner of Nadorlik & Co., a boutique marketing firm specliaizing in content marketing, social media management, blogging, and public relations. Reach out to her at www.nadorlikco.com.
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