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Brands Ask: Do You Like Me? Circle Yes or No.
By: Jill Nadorlik
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As an industry, a lot of emphasis is placed on advertising to build brand awareness. While that may be the best strategy for awareness, public relations is really the best strategy for making consumers actually like you.  

Every day, we sit around meeting tables, wondering how we can be noticed, or better yet, liked by our target audience. Some discussions even sound more like a tween trying to be noticed by her crush. (“Does he like us?” “What’s he into?” “Where does he spend his free time?” “Should we hang out there?”).

When it boils down to it, to be liked by your ideal audience, try simply doing something nice for them. Of course, no one likes someone who toots their own horn, but there's no harm in making your goodwill efforts publically known.  

Increasingly, brands are using social media as a public relations tool. With the search features, they’re able to find their target audience exactly where they’re hanging out. With a few keystrokes, they can make that person’s day by doing something nice.

For instance, flower shops can send roses to people in their area who are tweeting about their bad day. If they agree, film the delivery and their reaction for some YouTube magic.

In the entertainment industry, schedule your performers to come in a day before their concert to visit hospitals or schools. If permitted, post those photos to social media or do a quick press release to capitalize on the goodwill.  

Supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses is a growing trend in the the B2B market. Your businesses can partner with a local startup to provide free services to them in their first year. Capitalize on it with a joint press release and video testimonial from them about the services.
By doing something nice for your target audience, you’ll move beyond being a brand people know and become one that people actually like.

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About the Author
Jill Nadorlik is the owner of Nadorlik & Co., a boutique marketing firm specliaizing in content marketing, social media management, blogging, and public relations. Reach out to her at www.nadorlikco.com.
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