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Did Apple Innovate Too Fast?
By: Mike Bush
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First and foremost, it must be a blast to be a flack for Apple. The fanboys come out in droves for virtually every product the company releases, and there’s enough media folks that worship at the altar of Steve Jobs that positive coverage is basically assumed.
However, the company’s recent launch of the “New iPad” has ruffled the feathers of quite a few folks…and it’s because the launch comes just six months after the (now old) previous “New iPad."
From ReadWrite:

That's great for Apple. I'm sure it will sell a make nn [sic] ungodly amount of money selling iPads and iPad Minis this year.
Me? I've learned my lesson. I'll be holding out for the iPad 9. 

ReadWrite also did a post entitled “Why the New iPad Should Never Have Been Released”…it’s pretty obvious how those folks feel.
The same general feeling seemed to be all over Twitter at the launch event for the NEW New iPad.
From Alex Mathers:
I'm actually holding out until 2017, when they bring out the uber-thin, light holographic ipad 9. Can't wait! #apple #ipad
It’s weird to think that a technology company pushing out new technology would be a point of contention, but Apple seems to have irked quite a few of their customers.
Is this a rare misstep for the company, or does Apple have enough “umph” to get through this unscathed?

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