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Seriously Exclusive
By: Mike Bush
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As reported by Mashable, the “exclusive” 11K Club is now accepting membership applications. Membership for what, you ask? Oh, the exclusive club. That’s what.
In fact, that’s all the info that is available.
If you’re hoping to find out details of what you’d be signing up for, well, you’re out of luck. They’re not telling giving details, other than the fact that they’re only accepting 11 thousand members and you could be one of them. As of this writing, they’re closing in on 13,500 applications, so at least 2,500 people are going to be disappointed.
Or maybe not, since no one knows what it is that they’re signing up for.
It feels an awful lot like a marketing ploy, and as the Inquisitr points out, they will have a very up to date e-mail list of (presumably) early adopters. Early adopters and PR/marketing/branding folks who are signing up only to protect the brands they work for.
If you’re interested, you can fill out your application here: http://www.11kclub.com/
Just don’t get your hopes up on what you are applying for.

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