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How Truthful Is Team Obama’s PR?
By: Gerard E. Mayers
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A lot of press coverage in recent days by media such as The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, and other outlets has been given to Team Obama’s PR campaign about why Mr. Obama is truly the better candidate for continuing as President of the United States over Mr. Romney, who wants to unseat the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

From where this observer sits, the only presidential election team that seems to offer the US electorate any sort of reasonable, practical, logical, and thought-out solutions to the need for entitlement reform, restructuring the tax code, brining unemployment down, and yes, actually doing something about the $14 trillion-plus national debt appears to be Team Romney.

Don’t believe me? Click here to read an article by Senator Tom Coburn on “The Truth about Ryan and His Critics” which recently appeared in The Wall Street Journal.

How true is Team Obama’s PR? You decide.

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About the Author
Gerard E. "Gerry" Mayers writes about PR and other relevant topics for PR professionals. A former PR manager for Sensor Products, Inc. (currently based in Madison, NJ), he lives in Milford, NJ.
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