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iPad Mini Coming Soon, Perhaps?
By: Concethia D. Campbell
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I’m sure you have probably heard the news. The Apple news. It has been rumored that Apple will soon release the iPad Mini. Reported to make its debut as early as September of this year, the smaller version of the popular iPad will definitely boost revenue for the iconic brand. But do you really need it? Here are a couple reasons why you should consider purchasing the iPad Mini this fall.

With a projected measurement of a 7.85-inch screen, the iPad Mini is more compact than the original 9.7-inch screen device. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to comfortably transport an even smaller tablet? Students can toss it in a backpack and professionals can carry it in a purse or briefcase, all while maintaining the same functionality of a regular iPad in a smaller package.

Rumored to be priced in the range of $249–$299, the iPad Mini will be less expensive than the regular iPad (currently starting at $399). Apple’s decision to release a more affordable tablet not only pairs perfectly with the pockets of today’s consumers during tough economic times, but also promotes brand awareness.

If the iPad Mini dream becomes a reality, consumers will be provided with tablet options. In an evolving digital world where tablets and products are developed in the blink of an eye, providing a variety of products is great for the average consumer and even more effective for Apple users. Currently, the iPad has 63% share of the tablet market worldwide. If the iPad Mini is released, the product will definitely give the Google Nexus and Microsoft Windows 8 7–inch screen tablets, fierce competition.

Would you buy the iPad Mini?


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Concethia D. Campbell is an Advertising and Marketing Sales professional and a native of Chicago, IL. Follow Concethia on Twitter @concethia.
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