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Local and Travel, But Not a Staycation
By: Mike Bush
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Ryan Kim lays out an interesting theory that “local” and “travel” are actually two very similar markets on the web, and he uses Google’s purchase of Frommer’s Travel Guide to highlight his thesis:

...the deal also highlights how the worlds of travel and local are converging, with the two databases coming together as one big resource for consumers.

He’s right, and for PR Folks (as our own Doug Bedell points out), understanding the SEO and communications ramifications of this is important to flacks like us.

The challenge here isn’t to make sure that a client’s search results for their brand rank high; rather, it’s a matter of being “discoverable” online.

When you travel to a new place, you might search the web for recommendations on places to eat, things to do, and perhaps some place off the common path that makes the experience unique.

However, when you’re in your home and decide to look for something “different to do,” you might just go to the web to search for the exact same thing.

It can certainly be a challenge to identify the terms that make your clients more able to be found. But, if it’s one you can master, you’ll be adding significant value to the relationships you have with your clients by increasing their bottom line.

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