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7 Qualities of A True PR Pro
By: Maya Jordan
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Are you considering a new career in public relations? Better yet, are you an emerging PR professional? Great!

With the industry of public relations, corporate social responsibility, public affairs, investor relations, and community relations ever-so evolving at rapid pace, it is strongly imperative to pay attention to the traits of successful veteran PR pros before you. I am not saying you should forget the importance of blogs, metrics for measuring influence (i.e., Google analytics), or conversing in the online marketplace. Yes, you need to be a great writer, tech savvy, a relationship builder, and have amazing presentation skills. But what about those other inherent skills and characteristics that continue to make accomplished professionals in the PR realm?

If you are 100% certain about starting a new career in the rollercoaster-of-a-ride field of public relations, pay close attention to what I consider the seven qualities of a true PR pro.

7 Qualities of A True PR Pro
  • Be goal oriented. People who know what they want are always more likely to get it. The most successful people in business are those who have clear goals to aim for. So decide right now what your goals are in terms of income, lifestyle, and so on. When your goals are clear in your own mind, you dramatically increase your chances of reaching them. In other words, you need to be organized, deadline driven, and do NOT always rely on others to give you a task. Simply be a go-getter!
  • Be self-disciplined. As the old saying goes, the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary. Start becoming more self-disciplined, both in your business and personal life. Plan your work, then work to your plan. If you do this day-in and day-out, you will make constant and steady progress towards achieving the goals you have set for yourself.
  • Be enthusiastic. Be passionate about your business and life. Enthusiasm sets you apart as someone who loves what they do rather than as one who merely shows up in order to fulfill an obligation. Even better, you will find that the more enthusiasm you inject into your daily life, the more successful you will become. Why? Because everyone loves enthusiastic people — especially clients!
  • Be detail oriented. In other words, pay attention to detail. Qualified PR pros will have to dabble in budgeting, researching, and developing strategies and tactics. Having an innate curiosity about your clients is a definite! Basically, be observant! Accuracy is everything.
  • Be resilient. This is one of the big ones. In this field one has to acknowledge that you will have to be thick-skinned. Not just with the media, but perhaps your clients, too. You have to have the confidence to fight to get what you want and be unstoppable until you do so. When the uncertain and problematic occurs you must be a problem-solver, stay calm, and move forward.
  • Be creative. Innovation is all around us. Thinking outside the box is crucial. Imagination without boundaries. Sometimes it is from our mistakes and failures that new ideas are born.
  • Be confident. Confidence can be seen in how you dress, speak, smile, your posture, and even how you contribute at meetings. When you exude sincere confidence it is certainly noticed.
Develop these qualities and you'll be on your way to a bright, shining, long-lasting career. Public relations coincides a lot with the jungle and Darwinism. Charles Darwin said it best: “Survival of the fittest.” The world of PR is just that. Those who can adapt to new technologies, new perceptions, and innovative marketing techniques will be the lions of the PR jungle, whereas those who can’t will perish in the field. All in all, the best PR pros have a plethora of skills.

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About the Author
Maya Jordan is a young, ambitious PR enthusiast looking to break into the field. In her spare time she enjoys live concerts, spoken word, and traveling. For more, check out www.MayaJordan.com, and connect with her on Twitter here.

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