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Thank Me Later; No, Do It Now!
By: Maya Jordan
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It’s a bit cliché, but a little "thank you" can go a long way. There are several myths out there that state that thank-you notes are a thing of the dinosaur age. Well, those myths are indeed false. Truth be told, whether you are a guest at a business dinner, at a media mixer mingling and exchanging biz cards with professionals, email pitching to a journalist, or just finished an interview with a potential employer, simply send out a thank-you note. Why? Because a handwritten letter, on pretty personalized stationery, is just a genuine gesture of thanking someone for taking the time to do something for you. Overall, it’s unexpected, and a polite token of appreciation for a person's time, effort, and willingness to help you.  

The Basics of Thank-You Notes
  1. Focus on what the person did. Was it the HR person that interviewed you for the prospective job(Send no later than by the end of the day). Was it a donor?
  2. Be straightforward; mention exactly what you are thankful for. People enjoy hearing how something they did changed, shaped or impacted your life. For instance, was there something you learned about a prospective company that you didn’t know but was informed of by the person interviewing you.
  3. Avoid jokes. Everyone’s funny is not your funny.
  4. Keep the note short, simple and sweet.
  5. Use neat handwriting in black or blue ink.
  6. Sign your name. If it’s your company, just state “On behalf of the team."
  7. Be different. With everyone sending and receiving emails, it is very easy for a thank-you email to get mistakenly sent to the Spam folder. Try mailing the note or sending a thank-you card with the note inside. If you do use email, use a catchy but informative subject line.
All in all, we all like being thanked. An expression of thanks can be an unreciprocated reward. Most importantly, by sending a thank-you note, others will see how thorough of a person you are and may make you memorable whether you get the job or not. For more on thank-you notes, be sure to check out National Public Radio’s story here. Have any stories about receiving or not receiving a thank you? Share your stories below.

“The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated.
” –WIlliam James

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About the Author
Maya Jordan is a young, ambitious PR enthusiast looking to break into the field. In her spare time she enjoys live concerts, spoken word, and traveling. For more, check out www.MayaJordan.com, and connect with her on Twitter here.

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