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Netflix for Magazines Coming to an iPad Near You
By: Concethia D. Campbell
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Next Issue Media has created a unique approach to subscriptions that can potentially revolutionize the way magazines are read.

Although the app has existed in the Android Market since April, the magazine-subscription service company has expanded with the introduction of the app for iPad users. With approximately 15,000 users thus far, app accessibility via the iPad will be sure to expand the service’s reach. Prices range from $10 to $14 monthly and a 30-day free trial is offered for new users. Readers will have the opportunity to purchase and read a variety of periodicals: GQ, Vogue, People, and Vanity Fair, just to name a few.

In an atmosphere where all things are digital, the Netflix-style service may be just what the media industry needs! With the constant decline of print media users, an app where readers can view magazines online is definitely a breath of fresh air. The Netflix-like service is convenient and perfect for those on the go. With a simple click on the app, readers can view periodicals of choice.

Additionally, the digital magazine subscription is cost effective. In an economy where budgeting is currently a priority, users have the opportunity to pay a low monthly rate for a variety of magazines. This is in comparison to print magazines' monthly subscriptions, where monthly rates can be priced at $14 for one magazine.

Although some readers may not be able to ditch the crisp pages, ink, and excitement of looking forward to checking their mailbox for their monthly favorite magazine just yet, it is great that there is finally an Android and iPad option available for life's digitally savvy readers.


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Concethia D. Campbell is an Advertising and Marketing Sales professional and a native of Chicago, IL. Follow Concethia on Twitter @concethia.
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