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Yahoo! : The Mom Brand
By: Concethia D. Campbell
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Former Google executive Marissa Mayer was recently named President and CEO of Yahoo!. Faced with the task of restructuring Yahoo! and its image in a society where Google and Facebook have taken over, the 37-year-old professional definitely has a tremendous, yet attainable, task ahead of her. However, a more exciting obstacle confronts her: motherhood.

According to the Huffington Post, hours after Yahoo! announced Mayer’s addition to their executive team, an announcement was also made that Mayer is expecting her first child, due in October of this year. Within hours, comments flooded various Internet sites regarding Mayer’s ability to take on such a huge responsibility during pregnancy. How can she restructure a declining brand while caring for a newborn? However, Yahoo!’s decision to add Mayer to their executive team may not have only been the best choice financially, but it also softens their brand image.

Let’s face it. Moms rock. A woman that can cook, clean, take her kid to school, and maintain date night with the hubby, all while managing a team at work, is the ultimate Superwoman. With Yahoo!’s new CEO selection, the company can now be seen as a brand catering to working moms

Yahoo! is not the only company and brand managed by women. Indra Nooyi serves as Chairman and CEO of Pepsi, the second-largest beverage brand in the world, while Irene Rosenfeld is the current chairman for Kraft Foods, the nation’s largest food manufacturing brand. Both women are successfully holding down top spots while maintaining motherhood.

Applause goes out to Yahoo! on softening the brand image all while selecting a new CEO. Women can manage successful brands for corporations and develop their personal brand all while relating to the everyday mom. Beyonce said it best: Who run the world? Girls!


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Concethia D. Campbell is an Advertising and Marketing Sales professional and a native of Chicago, IL. Follow Concethia on Twitter @concethia.
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