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JetBlue Flies High
By: Mike Bush
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If we believe that there is a shift that blends customer service and PR, then it’s important to highlight companies that both understand this shift and take advantage of it.

As such, JetBlue’s recent post, highlighting a day in the life of one of their customer service folks, deserves to be mentioned and praised. With one swing of the bat, they drove home a message of caring to their customers, increased employee morale, and likely made it easier for HR to recruit new, quality candidates (whichever PR or marketing person wrote this deserves a day off, seriously).

Let’s discuss these benefits individually:
  • We Care About Our Customers. It seems like an easy message to send, but in a company that’s reliant on online commerce as the starting point (which, given that more than 50% of sales are influenced by online research, is every company), it’s very difficult to create a personal experience.
  • We Care About Our Employees. One of the top 10 tips from About.com’s Human Resources site is, “Your staff members must feel rewarded, recognized and appreciated.” Showing employees that hard work can lead to public recognition, as JetBlue did with this post, should have had a significant impact on creating happy, motivated employees.
  • We Care About Attracting New Talent. JetBlue, with this post, managed to describe a fantastic work environment to potential candidates. Work-from-home opportunities? Check. A quality work-life balance? Check. Opportunities for community service put together through the company? Check.
It was a fairly simple post by JetBlue on their blog, but it was an epic win for customers and employees alike.

In your role in PR, look around to see if there is an opportunity to recreate something like this for your own company, whether it’s public facing (such as this post) or internal only (a weekly, or even monthly, email to the whole company can have the same impact).

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Mike Bush is a PR and Marketing freelancer with more than a dozen years of experience in the field. Find him on and connect Twitter @mikebush or at www.mikebush.nyc. 
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