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Should You Instagram?
By: Concethia D. Campbell
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Everybody is using it. Celebrities capture their photo memories with it. The average Twitter user swears by it. When it comes to photo programs, Instagram trumps all. But…what’s the hype? Should you REALLY use it?
Launched in late 2010, Instagram is a free photo-sharing program that allows users to apply digital filters to their photos and then share them via the Instagram app, Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking services. Originally exclusive to iPhone and iPad users only, Instagram has progressed; as of 2012, it now includes the Android market. This photo phenomenon is gaining popularity, and here are some reasons to consider joining the bandwagon:
  • EVERYONE is on Instagram. With over 30 million users, Instagram’s growth is definitely at its best. Why not join the Instagram phenomenon? Everyone’s using it! Instagram is ruling the photo-sharing app world. Follow the trend.
  • It really is one of the best photo programs. Why wouldn’t you want your best photos posted to your favorite social media sites? Instagram can make an amateur photographer look like a professional! Yes, there are other photo program apps on the market, but Instagram makes editing photos easy and quick. Users simply snap a picture, select a filter to change the look and style of the photo, and upload to Instagram (or Twitter or Facebook). Speaking of Facebook...
  • Facebook and Instagram integration. Let’s be real. If it’s good enough for Mark Zuckerberg, it has to be good enough for us, right? With Facebook’s recent Instagram acquisition, only time will tell what great opportunities and surprises Instagram and Facebook has in store!
So there you go… join Instagram! It’s fun, easy, popular…and will keep you busy until the next best photo app comes along!


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About the Author
Concethia D. Campbell is an Advertising and Marketing Sales professional and a native of Chicago, IL. Follow Concethia on Twitter @concethia.
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