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Life's a Pitch! Tips for Avoiding Bad Pitches
By: Maya Jordan
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Many of us write billions of pitches a day. Okay, so maybe not billions, but a handful throughout the week. Pitch letters referred to as press releases and often known as news releases pile up in journalists' inboxes daily, hourly, and so on and so forth. Oftentimes, we sit on the edge of our seats at our desks, freakishly clock watching, anticipating that call or even email for the story to go live. As the Jeopardy theme music invisibly plays in our heads, we wonder, as the clock continues to tick, why we have not yet been notified about the brilliant story on our client, service, or product.

To face the truth, it's probably because your pitch is just bad. It is not the journalist’s duty to inform you of how bad your pitch is. Instead, the journalist will simply move forward in search of the next great lead.

Rest assured, with journalists receiving what we all consider “great story ideas,” it is imperative that we as PR professionals identify newsworthy stories. Once we decipher if our story is newsworthy, we must consider our targeted audience.

In an post written by Rachel Sprung, she provides mistakes to avoid in order to make your pitch a home run.

Do you agree?

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About the Author
Maya Jordan is a young, ambitious PR enthusiast looking to break into the field. In her spare time she enjoys live concerts, spoken word, and traveling. For more, check out www.MayaJordan.com, and connect with her on Twitter here.

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