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Instagram Launches Layout, Its New Collage App
March 26th, 2015 by Jessica Cherok
Instagram launched its new, freestanding app, Layout. Now you can create that photo collage you’ve always wished for. The collage can be of up to nine photos, which are organized by Layout into sections. Users can also use the “Photo Booth” option to have the app take four successive photos. The app then provides a number of layout choices, letting users decide which to use. According to Instagram’s blog: "…you have complete artistic control. Drag and drop photos to rearrange them, pinch to zoom or pull the sides of each photo to adjust its size and get your layout just right. Then flip and rotate your photos to create cool arrangements and mirror effects." The collages can be shared on various social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Instagram created Layout to address the growing number of people using third-party apps to create collages to be posted in Instagram.

Morris The Cat Reports From SXSW
March 24th, 2015 by Jennifer Graber
Every once in a while, you meet someone with an awesome job — one that you wish you could have. The job envy grows exponentially when you learn of the amazing opportunities it comes with. You might even find yourself asking why it cannot be you in that position. Well, prepare yourself to experience that plight once more. Only this time, you won’t be jealous of a powerful person — rather a precocious cat. Yes, a cat has a job that is better and much cooler than yours. Morris The Cat came from humble beginnings. He lived the life of a shelter cat that was close to meeting an untimely end.
Facebook's Suicide Prevention Gone Wrong
March 23rd, 2015 by Jessica Cherok
Is Facebook’s suicide prevention tool really helpful? According to at least one man, no. Tusch claims that in an effort to test whether or not the suicide prevention tool worked, he posted a fake threat about killing himself on Facebook. One of his Facebook friends saw the post and flagged it for a potential suicide.
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