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Original articles from Liam Crossey.
Can a Tweet Help You Quit Smoking?
The results of a new study have shown that certain social media apps and devices are actually twice as likely to help younger adults quit smoking. ​The study was conducted at the University of Waterloo, a public university found in Waterloo, Ontario. One of the reasons the researchers settled on this particular topic...

Could Twitter Acquire Circa?
Twitter is in talks with Circa to buy the app, as revealed to a source associated with Business Insider. Circa is a social media app that provides brief news stories specifically for mobile devices. However, while the main idea around the app is very appealing, the app has struggled to find a core audience.

Could Facebook Help Your Chosen Candidate Win?
Social media is once again playing a pivotal role in introducing the different political views as more and more candidates are stepping forward to prepare for their respective 2016 presidential campaigns. Facebook, the world’s largest social media platform, is offering users the opportunity to see different views or stick to their own...

Is Facebook the New Home to Small Businesses?
Yesterday, Facebook was expected to announce several new programs for small businesses who use the social media juggernaut. There are an estimated 40 million small business pages that can be found on Facebook. This number is up from 30 million as of last June, but only 2 million of those small business pages...


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