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Original articles from Andrea Jackson.
The Race Doesn’t Stop at Race Together for Starbucks
Generally speaking, people stop into Starbucks for the experience — calming music, friendly baristas, quality food and beverages, and, of course, free wifi. You have to admit, free wifi in public places is like gold to the average citizen. But what has taken place recently with the company has stirred up much more than just good coffee; it stirred up often-uncomfortable conversations.

Apple Unveils New Gold MacBook
Once again, Apple is winning over the hearts of technology users all around. The unveiling of the new Apple MacBook in gold instantly had the Internet talking, tweeting, posting, reposting, and sharing. #NewMacBook immediately became a Trending Topic on Twitter. Memes of the gold MacBook were instantly generated...

Instagram Update Tackles User/Advertiser Interactions
It's no surprise that Instagram is now larger than Twitter, according to a 2014 report. In recent months, users have seen an increase in advertisements or images with the heading “Sponsored” above them while scrolling down their news feeds. These images by sponsored companies were not necessarily posts by brands or organizations the user elected to follow. The change to include sponsored advertisements in a user's news feed originally began in 2013. As one could imagine, users didn't like it too much. At the time, however, the ads were few and far in between. In the past few months, there has been an influx of images and videos identified as sponsored posts on everyone's feeds. Most people are aware that free services often come with advertisements...

OpenTable Wants a Cozier Relationship for Customers and Restaurants
The most memorable experiences occur during gatherings at Sunday dinner, midweek lunch, Saturday brunch, or a family breakfast. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to make reservations at a restaurant on weekends, holidays, or other special occasions and the phone rings and rings. By the time the hostess picks up the phone, it is too noisy to hear anything...


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