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Original articles from Kim Kramer.
Zero Is The Magic Number
For a society that wants everything we have an appetite bordering on hangry for an over abundance of absolutely nothing. We want zero calories, zero fat, zero emissions, zero tolerance, and even zero email. That'd be nice, right?

Android or Apple: Who Deserves Your Selfie?
I, for one, am a die-hard Apple fan. That’s why I bought a Samsung Galaxy S5. I chucked my iPhone off my two-story balcony and went straight for a Samsung. You look as perplexed as I was when I made the decision. Said chucking of my iPhone was an accident, but the Samsung purchase was intentional. I have been an Apple devotee from the time I could spell “Macintosh.” I flunked spelling a few times in elementary school, but never mind that. The point is I have all things Apple: iPods, iPod shuffles, four generations of iPhones, laptops, desktops and even an Apple TV. So why did I question my fierce loyalty to Apple and the late and brilliant Steve Jobs? I wanted to lurk in the depths of the dark side for myself. See firsthand what the 1 billion Android users were so excited about. Apparently, it’s selfies. Android users collectively generated 93 million selfies last year. That’s certainly something, and Google anticipates...

Wearable Technology: Trailblazer or Dweeb?
I think we’ve all learned showing up at a bar sporting Google Glasses lacks dexterity. But, what about a Recon Jet?! You’re sure to gain friends and allies with this beauty. It’s mainly for sports-buffs but for a number of tech junkies there’s also some serious potential for hero status at your next online role-playing mixer.

Swift. Resistance is Futile.
My nostalgia for the '80s brings back so many fond memories — John Hughes movies, Garbage Pail Kids, the cat-murdering, extraterrestrial otherwise known as Alf, and ah, yes, of course, with true sentimental yearning, the birth of Objective-C.


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