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Original articles from Lakai Newman.
WestJet's Christmas Miracle
Everyone knows that air travel is perhaps one of the holidays' least-festive experiences possible. Every year, countless passengers are faced with weather delays, cancellations, baggage mishaps, and a slew of other wintry wrenches thrown in their carefully planned holiday travels.

Virgin America Debuts New Demo
Though the airline industry has proven to be an unpredictable one, there is always one constant that occurs during every single flight: the safety information demonstration. Usually in the form of a video, this FAA-mandated information details the plane's features and what to do in the event of an emergency. For most travelers, it has become a monotonous routine...

Heineken's 'Departure Roulette' Encore
Heineken’s Departure Roulette is back in action...in another surprising way. Originally setting up shop in New York’s JFK International Airport, Heineken’s Departure Roulette challenged unsuspecting travelers to step up to the game-show-esque board and press a red button.

Behind the Scenes of Yahoo's New Logo
This week’s premiere of Yahoo’s new logo garnered a lot of attention and critique, but what a lot of people did not hone in on was why the update occurred and what the new look is hoping to achieve.

'Just Do It' Turns 25
Nike rings in it’s 25th anniversary of their “Just Do It” slogan with a new commercial entitled “Possibilities”. Designed by ad agency Weiden + Kennedy, the campaign's message inspires viewers to push their limits and take their talents to new heights. The campaign, narrated by actor Bradley Cooper, features familiar faces like Serena Williams, LeBron James, Andre Ward, and a handful of others.

'Departure Roulette': WWYD?
Setting up shop in New York’s JFK International Airport last week, Heineken premiered a daring game for the boldly adventurous traveler. “Departure Roulette” is a rather simple game, but bears extreme consequences. The traveler who accepts the challenge steps up to the game-show-esque board and presses a red button. Once pressed, the board generates a foreign (more exotic)...

Kids React to Cheerios Commercial
A couple months ago, Cheerios launched a commercial with their typical storyline featuring the heart-healthy product; however it was met with extreme criticism by an alarming number of viewers. Why? Well, unlike all their previous commercials, this particular one featured a mixed-race couple. Some of the commentary about the commercial was so racially insensitive...

Grey Poupon Shows Support
With a simple yet bold gesture, Grey Poupon has let its voice be heard by releasing an image on their Facebook page showing support of National Pride month. The photo and its caption — “June is National Pride month. Though the festivities technically only last a month, we recommend celebrating all year — because Pride and good taste never go out of season”...

Redefining A True Sports Fan
Ogilvy Brazil has spearheaded a campaign that has touched the hearts of thousands of people... literally. By honing in on Brazil’s beloved Sport Club Recife, the campaign is able to address one of the community's most common medical disparities. Their “Immortal Fans” campaign encourages passionate football...

Kmart's 'Big Gas Savings'
From the moment we’ve possessed the mental capacity to turn on a television, we’ve been bombarded with images, products, and ideas practically every minute we spend awake. We can recognize and recite company slogans and jingles faster than we can order our beloved venti, non-fat, no foam, extra hot, chai tea latte.

Google Ups The Ante
Without question, Google is a brand that has found its way into almost every platform of our technological desires. As the largest email provider, it lets us attach photos, documents, videos, event invites, and now... money. Sending money digitally has been around for years. Amazon, Serve, Venmo, and the ubiquitous Paypal have all been methods of sending and receiving funds.

Diet Coke's Slender Vender
We are in an era where almost everything is getting thinner — from computers to cell phones right down to our favorite canned beverages. Just a few years ago, Pepsi introduced the “Skinny Can” in an effort to give a new look and meaning to its diet soda. Now, Diet Coke has upped the ante by introducing...

Simple Advertising: Celebrating Mothers Everywhere
With Mother’s Day just a few days away, some of us find ourselves scrambling to come up with inventive ways to show appreciation to all the matriarchal figures in our lives. Though we may be unprepared, many companies have been anticipating this moment for quite some time.

JC Penney: 'It's No Secret'
An important step towards improvement is the ability to admit when you are wrong. In doing so, you are able to recognize your weaknesses and transform them into strengths. Over the past year, JC Penney has taken a bruising from loyal customers due to their pricing schemes, apparel strategies, and several other improvements that turned out to be anything but. Attempting to bounce back and regain consumer loyalty, JC Penney has managed to provide an apology in the form of a commercial aptly entitled “It’s No Secret."

Evian's Dancing Babies Return
Evian does it again. The iconic brand has recently released a video campaign bringing back the famous dancing tots. Created by BETC Paris, “Baby & Me” begins with an average Joe who catches a glimpse of his toddler-self in a reflection. Coming upon a mirrored storefront, he begins to test out his dance moves. Soon, other passing pedestrians join in on the fun...

Twitter's Best Week Ever
Since its inception, Twitter has been constantly proving itself to be one of the fastest relayers of information. In 140 characters or less, we find ourselves learning of breaking news before our beloved news stations even have a chance to fire up their cameras and cue their reporters.

Dove's Real Take on Beauty
Not only does Dove manage to find its way into our daily personal hygiene routines, but it has also managed to find its way into our hearts. Dove’s recent social experiment to help expose women’s 'true beauty' compares and contrasts the ways...

Google Nose Best: Connecting Scent to Search
What may very well have been an April Fool’s joke has now set forth the possibility of a new innovation. Earlier last week, Google introduced the idea of Google Nose; a beta-staged feature that will ultimately connect search with scent. Google is deemed as one of the most powerful search engines on the Internet. When you are searching for something, Google quickly quenches your curiosity by providing an almost instant virtual response.

The Art of Communication: There is Power in Silence
The business marketplace is constantly shifting and evolving before our eyes. Through the many innovations, communication is perhaps the most fundamental tool used to engage and retain consumers. If you have something great on your hands, you must share it with as many people in as many ways as possible, right? Wrong. Oftentimes, we are so caught up on spreading our message that we sometimes forget to take a moment to pause and listen. In advertising, the loudest voice...


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