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Original articles from Jason Will.
Your Future Travel Plans Are About to Change
The travel industry has undergone very little innovation over the past decade, but that is about to change very soon. Travel is very personal for most of us and that holds true across all five phases of travel: Dream, Plan, Book, Experience, and Reflect. These are the three reasons you’ll be impacted throughout each one of those. Travel sites will begin to understand what is most and least...

Facebook Declares Travel Industry as Focal Point in 2014
When you use Facebook it is most probably in the context of sharing updates and photos and interacting with friends. In 2014, that may all change. Facebook is about to enter the travel market, which has historically been dominated by Orbitz, Expedia, Priceline, and Travelocity. Google and Microsoft have seen little traction in this industry, but Facebook is making the case that during each phase of travel (dreaming, planning, booking, experiencing, and reflecting)...

The World Through the Lens of Google Glass
The time has come...welcome to the Google Glass generation. A report came out from CNET.com earlier this month confirming the first production run of Google Glass Explorer Edition is complete and ready to ship.

Launch Festival 2013: An Advertising Must-Have
The Launch Festival descended upon San Francisco this week and with that came brilliant minds from across the technology world. With the vast amount of talent engaged in the Hackathon over the weekend prior to the event, there were many opportunities to network and connect...

Release Your Inner Nerd: Building the Next Generation of Coders
How essential is one’s understanding of how to program computers? Steve Jobs is quoted here saying, “Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer…because it teaches you how to think.” There are many facets of life that better our thinking, but does coding knowledge pave the most effective path?

The More Effective You in 2013
Your day is filled with distractions and those can create constant wasteful moments. How about becoming increasingly effective in 2013 and accomplishing more? If you are like most people, your deficiencies come in the form of monetary losses due to wasteful spending or a lack of planning...

What’s your Loyalty Worth? Airline Reward Programs
Do you need just a few more flights to reach Silver, Gold, or Platinum status? The part you should be thinking about is whether or not that’ll actually pay off and if your time/money will be well spent. It sure does feel good bypassing lines and going to the counter to have your loyalty recognized, but this article will help reveal if free checked luggage, seat upgrades, and priority boarding are worth the required effort. The first step to selecting any reward program...

Open Source Software and the 3 Mandatory Questions
Are you a conformist or an innovator? Probably something to understand before reading further, since the basis of this article is to highlight the primary questions anyone should ask prior to defining and implementing a software strategy. A conformist could benefit more from pre-canned software and an innovator can leverage Open Source Software (OSS) to continuously iterate.

Greater Impact on Customer Experience: Ads or Design?
Let’s rewind to almost a decade ago when our social world was drastically altered with the introduction of Friendster, MySpace, and Facebook. It instantly seemed as though our live interactions started to be replaced with virtual ones. Also, this was the first time our personal preferences were captured to this degree...


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