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Original articles from Tiana Tucker.
WhatsApp Roars into the Spotlight With Katy Perry Video
WhatsApp was the lead character in the new Katy Perry lyrics video, Roar, which the pop star released on Monday for her current single. More than 75% of the video is shown as a continuous conversation between Perry and several friends...

4 Sites for Apartment Hunting Online
Searching for a new place can be pretty stressful from coordinating multiple open houses or apartment visits to finding the right neighborhood. If you are living in or moving to a major metropolitan area, competition for the perfect apartment at just the right price...

Vine 4 Months Post Twitter Acquisition
It has been about four months since Twitter acquired a mobile application creating and sharing brief video shorts, Vine. Some brands have moved cautiously toward creating content on the short-form video sharing application...

Game of Thrones Fans In Tune With Social Media
HBO’s Game of Thrones series is one of the most talked-about cable network shows on Facebook this season. At the end of March when the third season premiered, it became one of the most-pirated shows on the web this year. Now, there are only two more episodes left before the show wraps up the season and this week HBO is taking a hiatus for the Memorial Day holiday weekend. Since the show began back in the spring of 2011 it has quickly gained a large, enthusiastic following...

Cookie Filled with Wonder: Oreo
What Coke is to the soft drink industry, is what Oreo aims to be for the snack food industry. The cookie brand launched its “Wonderfilled” campaign this past weekend, which started with a 30-second and 90-second commercial spots during Sunday’s Mad Men and Married to Jonas shows.

Frugal Shoppers Cartwheel for New Program from Target and Facebook
Thrifty shoppers and extreme couponers may rejoice at Target’s news that up to 1,000 exclusive digital coupons will be available for use at its stores courtesy of a new partnership with Facebook. Target has enlisted help from Facebook to draw more customers into its brick-and-mortar stores...

JC Penney Turns To Customers for Help Via Social Media
Yesterday, JC Penney decided to turn to its customers for ideas, via social media, regarding how it can to save the company and ultimately bring people back to their stores. JC Penney launched a public apology to its customers presumably as a response to the company’s very public and continued downward trend...

'Vacationitis': The Hilton's Key to Half a Million New Facebook Fans
Summer is approaching rather quickly and if April showers have not caused you to daydream about an upcoming summer vacation, then surely one look at the most liked hotel brand or international airline on Facebook will do it. Or perhaps you are familiar with the term “vacationitis,” which is “a chronic debilitating workplace ailment only cured through high doses of time off and travel”...

Now Hunting: Item Pictured in Instagram Photo for Purchase
The popularity of visually focused online communities has made it much harder to track down the origin of items pictured in images uploaded to thousands of user-generated content sites. Whether you are scrolling through photos on Instagram or sifting through posts on Tumblr...

What Will People Tweet About in 48 Hours?
Social media professionals, specifically community managers, spend so much time creating social media editorial content in advance and even more time keeping tabs on what is happening now on social media channels. Every brand wants to be as nimble and timely when it comes to contributing to social media conversations as Oreo was during the Super Bowl blackout. During any ordinary day or week...

Digital Content Rental and Purchasing Industry Overcrowded?
Rdio, a music streaming service and rival to Spotify, announced on Wednesday that it was entering the video streaming business with its new service Vdio. Rdio’s new video streaming service joins the likes of Amazon, Apple, Hulu, and HBO, which only skims the surface of a few of the major players in the industry at the moment.

New Digital Content Curation Game Changer: Flipboard 2.0
Flipboard users gained access to the second edition of the popular social magazine application on Tuesday. The application has taken its mantra of being “the world’s first social magazine” a step further by allowing users to actually curate content for customized magazines. By simply selecting the new “+” feature, Flipboard users can add any piece of content in their stream, including articles, images, videos, and even audio, to tell any story they choose. All the items complied into users' custom magazines feature a proper credit given to the original source of the content. Users can even choose to select content from various social media streams on Twitter or Facebook from within the application for their magazine. A cover spread for a magazine can be selected from any of the content used within a particular magazine. Any magazine created can be set as either public or private...

Klout Perks Up to Businesses with New Feature
In July of 2010, consumers received Klout Perks, and now brands are receiving a Klout product designed specifically with them in mind: Klout for Business. The company introduced the data-driven product on its blog yesterday. Since Klout’s start five years ago it has been all about identifying how large a given user’s social media network of influence is and unearthing the who, what, when, and where details surrounding a given amount of influence. Klout’s new business tool stays the course and offers businesses...

Pinteresting Social Analytics, But No Big Data
Almost four months ago, Pinterest launched specialized accounts for businesses and this week the social network introduced its latest enhancement for its site: Pinterest Web Analytics. Its new analytics tool provides an easier way to capture useful quantitative data that allows users to gauge their audience’s interest in content that either originates from a web property they own or is featured among a user’s boards.

Tumblr Ads Are Going Mobile
Tumblr’s mobile audience has more than doubled in the past six months, which has pushed the popular blogging platform’s mobile strategy to the top of its priorities list this year. Tumblr is gearing up to enter the mobile advertising space by offering to promote brands’ Tumblr blogs and content on its mobile application. Tumblr has been around for six years and is only now turning its attention to becoming a profitable company. Just last year, Tumblr became the ninth-most popular website in the U.S....

Google+ Sign-In: More Engagement and App Downloads
Google decided it wanted to join its fellow social networking competitors Facebook and Twitter in the application sign-in arena yesterday when it introduced Google+ Sign-In. Applications using the web, Android, or iOS can now allow users to sign in to use their services with Google+.

What's Cooking in the Digital Kitchen
Food is getting a lot more attention these days beyond the traditional restaurant dining experience and classic hardcover cookbooks. The idea of the digital kitchen is enriching our entire food experience, both online and offline.

Jeff Dachis on Digital Marketing's Past, Present, and Future
Marketing in the digital space has come a long way since the first banner ad in 1994, which featured the following copy for AT&T: “Have you ever clicked your mouse here? You will.” Jeff Dachis helped marketers enter the digital advertising space as a member of the team that created the previously referenced banner ad. Dachis, founder of Dachis Group and co-founder of Razorfish, sat down for a conversation with the Financial Times reporter Emily Steel on how social media is redefining mass communications.

Speaking in Hashtags On Air at The #Grammys
How many hashtags can be read aloud in one sentence on air or during an entire 3.5-hour telecast? On Sunday night, the 55th Annual Grammy Awards' host LL Cool J, a musician and actor also known as James Todd Smith, showed all 28.4 million of us tuning in to the show just how many. This year’s show was all about embracing the viewers via social media just as much as it was about honoring the famed musicians whose lyrics we have been bravely singing or rhythms we have nodded our heads to for the past year. In the first few minutes that the show started airing, the show’s organizers and the host devoted a piece of the opening speech to encouraging viewers to join the conversation online...

New York Fashion Week Struts Slowly Into Digital
The New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week begins showing its Fall 2013 collections tomorrow. Perhaps you don’t live in New York City or you don’t work in the industry? IMG Fashion announced exciting news that it has partnered with Rightster...

Pre-Super Bowl Commercial Momentum Online
The Super Bowl is one of the most anticipated moments in American television, including both the moments happening on field and during the televised commercial breaks. Today, with 30-second Super Bowl advertising spots costing more than $3 million dollars, advertisers are under pressure to engage audiences and convince consumers to interact with their ads beyond the television screen.

Social Media Winners Among SAG Award Nominees
It’s award show season! While most are placing bets on personal favorites to win among the nominees for the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards, I’m curious about which shows are winning the social media face-off on Facebook. The SAG Awards are airing this Sunday and ahead of the award show I’ve decided to take a look at which shows in the categories of Outstanding Performance...

White House Digital Petitions Minimum Signature Requirement Increases
In the fall of 2011, the We the People website was launched by the White House as an online forum that allowed citizens to create digital petitions for the U.S. government to consider taking action on regarding a particular issue. From the start, a petition needed to acquire a minimum of 5,000 signatures in order to be reviewed by President Barack Obama’s administration.

A Fabulous End to 2012 for E-commerce and Fab.com
The months of November and December during 2012 in the U.S. e-commerce industry recorded an increase of 14% in spending, which produced $42.3 billion in sales in comparison to those same months in 2011, according to comScore’s final 2012 holiday e-commerce sales totals released last week. The largest spending days of 2012 were...

The White House Adds Pinterest to Its Social Media Portfolio
The White House officially established a presence on Pinterest almost two weeks ago and introduced its first boards this past Monday. The White House Holiday Social was also held on Monday, which Pinterest followers were offered the chance to win an exclusive invite to by registering online.

Social, Visual, and Mobile: New Website Priorities for Content-Heavy Sites
Last week, Mashable, a major online news website and blog with a focus on social media and technology, debuted a drastically redesigned website. The redesign was inspired by the rise in website traffic from social networks and mobile devices. The overall design moves towards creating a better social, mobile, and visual...

5 Holiday Shopping Apps: Save Time, Money, and Perhaps the Earth
Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us, there are still tons of deals available from both online and brick-and-mortar retailers through the remainder of the holiday season. The time spent finding holiday deals and then pursuing the best deal at the nearest retailer can be a burdensome task, but in the age of mobile technology, be it smartphones or tablets, things have changed. Below are five apps that can help ease your shopping woes in a few different ways from saving money to finding the quickest route to a particular store in a mall filled with more than 400 stores. 1. Price Comparison Shopping: Red Laser. The Red Laser app allows you to do your research and then make the smartest purchase decision all without having to leave the app. It offers price comparisons, price searching at nearby stores...


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