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Original articles from Matthew Busby.
Understanding Facebook and How It Makes Money
As we all know or have come to figure out, Facebook makes money off its users and its advertisers. Over the past couple of months, Facebook has implemented its “suggested” or “promotional” posts to bring in some revenue and new enjoyable experience to users “friends” and “fans.” This article delves a little deeper into the beast that is Facebook. To this day, many still do not understand how their favorite and largest social networking site makes money. According to The Search Agency, only 54% of Facebook users know how the giant functions. The figure is 57% men and 51% women.

Is Google+ Integration Going Too Far?
Anyone who creates any type of Google account (Gmail, YouTube, and other Google services) automatically gains a new social media site, Google+. As we know, Google+ is a current rival of Facebook and this is one of the company’s most recent social media initiatives to gain advertising dollars.

Twitter Gives New Feature to Users
After testing the feature this new feature on small accounts earlier this week, on Wednesday, Twitter began to let users download an archive of posts made to its site much like its competitor, Facebook. The Pros: Twitter’s new archive tool is now open to the public, allowing users to download a complete backlog of all of their posts and retweets. The new archive feature allows users to view and sort by selections of months, weeks, or years. The new feature also allows searching for certain keywords and hashtags...

Social Privacy?
Social privacy is a major issue when it comes to social media sites such as Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. On Wednesday, Facebook took steps to simplify its privacy settings to give consumers more control and clarity over the personal information that users can share.

Pinterest Spammers Beware
Pinterest announced Thursday that it is cracking down on spammer accounts. Pinterest has created a team just for this purpose. The social media site has attempted to purge the site of copyrighted material and spam in the past, but this is the first attempt fix the major spam problem. Pinterest is meant to be a place of visually appealing images of ideas and things that people can buy. It seems that most people do not seem to mind that some pictures come from fake accounts or that they cannot tell the difference.

A New Way to Share Instagram Profiles
As of now, the only way for Instagrammers to show their profiles to the masses was to leave a link on their website or blog. This may seem like a silly task for some, but the masses were not happy about this. Instragram has now given users an easier way to implement their new profile pages with a simple click of a button.

False Advertisements and You
The average person sees hundreds if not thousands of ads every day. How do consumers decide which ads are false or true? That is the question. Consumers want to believe everything they hear. Well, in this day and age, society is a little bit more skeptical than they used to be.


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