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Original articles from Kevin Weaver.
How Twitter Has Streamlined Communication While Enhancing Creativity
Twitter was one of the first applications to put a limit on content posted by its users. As you may already know, the 140-character limitation can be quite cumbersome and frustrating. Back in 2006 when Twitter first came out, users found this to be a big problem. How can you possibly say something or get your message across in 140 characters or less? There is no possible way that businesses could stand to gain anything from this. Fast-forward to 2013 and Twitter is a household name. You can't watch a TV show, a commercial, or a sporting event without some reference...

Think Twice Before Outsourcing Your Social Media
It's no longer a question of whether or not a business should utilize social media. In the last few years, social media has proven itself as a valuable tool that all businesses should be showcasing. Even though most companies have gone social, that doesn't mean they are doing it correctly or efficiently.

That's Evolution, Baby! Marketing: Then & Now
Business is evolving at a faster rate than any other time in our history. New technology is outdated after just one year. The same is true with cars, fashion, or music. I remember a college professor saying that a brand-new textbook your freshman year would be obsolete by your senior year. Thinking back on that now, it's likely that a new book would be obsolete after two semesters.

And The Oscar Goes To...Brands on Twitter!
The 2013 Oscars have come and gone. Just like every year, there were winners, losers, awkward interviews on the red carpet, forced laughter, and plenty of jokes that missed their mark. Seth MacFarlane did a good enough job of moving the show along while managing to infuriate women everywhere with his jokes. Just another day at the office for Mr. MacFarlane. He must have done something right, however, because ABC received a rise in their telecast of 3% over last year.

Brands in Panic Mode
In the last couple of weeks we have seen the power of social media and how quickly its effects on a brand's image can take place. First, there was the whole fiasco at the Super Bowl when the lights went out. Oreo capitalized on the opportunity with their now-famous tweet and graphic stating, "You can still dunk in the dark." People everywhere ate it up. Pun intended.

There's A Condom On That Cab! Or Is There?
Trojan is no stranger to bold advertising stunts and promotions. It's also no stranger screwing them up. Two days ago it was announced that the brand would be driving three taxis, each equipped with a giant condom on top, around a certain area of New York City on Valentine's Day and the following Friday.

The Sweet Taste of Defeat
Depending on where you're from, the last couple days have been either incredibly awesome or incredibly unbearable. For example, if you're from, say, Baltimore, you've probably been pretty comfortable sitting on cloud nine since Sunday evening. Heck, you might have even had a beer or two.

A Tale Of Two Brands: Coke & McDonald's Miss The Mark
Multiple times in this blog I have stated the importance for brands to tell their story, to be consistent, and to stay true to themselves. Brands that stay in tune with their mission enjoy a loyal consumer base. In two cases in the last couple of weeks, we have seen two dominant brands, McDonald's and Coca Cola, deviate from their successful paths and receive some criticism for it.

New Balance Runs Away From The Pack Using Social Media
So many brands approach social media with good intentions but do not understand how to properly engage customers or generate interest. That being said, it doesn't help that social media is a rather fickle and mysterious medium to use to communicate with your customers. There is no definitive answer to what works and what doesn't. Most approaches to social endeavors are trial-by-fire and learn-as-you-go methods. New Balance, however, is a great example of a brand that understands how to use social media...

Rebranding: Embrace The Change
If you follow sports news, then you have probably heard about the Washington Redskins' possible move back to Washington D.C. If you don't follow sports news, don't worry, I'll bring you up to speed. Since 1997, the team has played at FedEx Field in Landover, MD...

The Anomaly Of Fast Food
One thing that makes any brand successful is the ability to deliver the same quality products in its stores that it portrays in its advertisements. What I mean is "what you see is what you get." If your products look and perform a certain way in the magical world of television, then they should in real life, too.

Getting Personal in 2013
It's a new year and that means it's time to act on the resolutions we gave ourselves. For most people, January 1 means starting over with a clean slate. It's that time of year when we promise ourselves to lose a few pounds, read that book we've been unable to get to, or simply make an effort to call up those friends we haven't seen in a long time and take them to dinner. But individuals aren't the only ones who make resolutions for the new year. Businesses strive to be better, too. Whether it's to operate more efficiently, cut costs, or increase market share...

Customer Engagement Is Key For 2013
This past year was a pretty busy one in the advertising world. From the Olympics to the presidential campaign, there was plenty to talk about and millions of advertising dollars were spent. With so much going on, it was relatively easy for companies to communicate and generate conversation with consumers through social media. But what about when there is nothing to talk about? It's easy to find a common ground with consumers...

Naughty Santa Gets Ousted By Not-So-Nice Mothers On Facebook
The way in which companies handle criticism and negative feedback has always been important to their success and overall image to the public. It's easy to handle an individual's frustrations over the phone or in the back of a department store in a manager's office. This way companies enjoy being able to resolve issues quietly, privately, and most importantly, away from the public eye. But what about when someone voices their concerns or distaste for something through a Facebook post on your company wall...

Toys R Us Comes Full Circle With Famous Jingle
The word on the street is that Toys R Us is not very happy. Maybe even a little panicked. The company reported that four out of five kids do not know the words to their once-notorious "I'm a Toys R Us Kid" jingle. How could this happen? Looks like parents everywhere really dropped the ball on this one. But what's the big idea? It's just a song, right?

How Black Friday Went Digital
If we've seen it once, we've seen it a thousand times. Hundreds of people lined up outside a department store in the wee hours of the morning. They're snuggled up in their winter coats and huddled together to keep from freezing to death. Thanksgiving has come and gone and now it's time for Black Friday.

'Tis The Season — COD: Black Ops 2 Has Record Sales On Opening Day
It's that time of year again, folks. The time of year when pumpkins on the porch are replaced with wreaths hanging on the front door, neighborhoods begin to light up with the warm glow of Christmas lights, and holiday music can be heard anywhere and everywhere. All of this can only mean one thing: Call of Duty Season is upon us.

Coke's Found Its Happy Place
If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram should all be blushing over Coca-Cola's new Happy Places social network. Coke is creating a social network where users can create profiles, follow friends, and post their "happy places" through words or images. The free iOS mobile app was released on Nov. 1. Earlier models have already been created for Android and Blackberry devices and while the domain name was registered back in June, happyplaces.com is still not active.


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